About us

Bolf has been selling men's clothes and developing dynamically according to e-commerce standards for years.
Our online shop has been launched in 2010, but a couple of years of operating in e-commerce and mail order gives us a feeling that we will meet all your expectations.
Our goal is to follow the newest trends in the world of fashion and providing our Customers with original clothes and interesting style in affordable prices. Our work and success flourished into creating our own men's clothing brand – BOLF, which has met with great recognition and interest.
Bolf – our brand and online shop – was honoured with the Polish Consumer Laurel and became 2012 Discovery of the Year in Poland in the category of Men's Fashion. It is one of the most supreme certificates and consumer awards given in Poland by e-commerce specialists, the media and market experts.
We care about the highest consumer service quality, personalized contact and we still are improving in order to satisfy our Consumers.
Our team consists of trained consultants and employees who almost 24 hours a day take care of the realization of orders on time, professional contact, efficient realization of complaints and exchanges, marketing and website graphic design.
Fashion is our passion. It is proven by the increasing number of loyal Customers and Contractors.
Currently, our online shop is the market's runner-up in selling men's clothes in the Polish Internet.

We are aware how brand credibility is important, that is why we pay atention to make everything in order to satisfy the Customer. We would like to thank for your trust.

Team Bolf.eu